Products that you can trust

With the frantic push to bring this underutilized product to the market, most formulators have no choice but to compromise quality in an effort to meet demand.  BLUE LINE, however, starts with only US sourced and organically grown hemp to formulate the finest and purest CBD product on the market today.  Thanks to modern science, BLUE LINE’s CBD is extracted and isolated in the most concentrated form possible, ensuring 99.8% to 99.9% purity with virtually no THC or other illicit chemical contamination.  It’s not the easiest or least expensive way but bringing our customers the finest possible quality and value, is our number one concern.  Here is one of our most recent reports from a 3rd party lab showing the purity of our CBD Isolate.  For information on the purity of any specific product, please email support@bluelinecbd.com.

CBD Isolate Test Results